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Suzanne Porter, Social Worker: The People Who Social Workers Serve

Suzanne Porter, Social Worker in Contra Costa County ; a professional dedicated to providing the help and support system needed to stabilize families, strengthen family relationships and create more positive and hopeful environments for children throughout the community. Suzanne Porter has committed herself to her present position, and to the help of children and families in need, since early 2014.

Suzanne Porter, social worker, understands the undeniable importance of her work, not only to the community at-large, but to various segments of the population who depend on social work professionals as a resource of support and guidance. Such vulnerable populations often include:


Children are often in the most need of a support system that stands up and looks out for their best interests.

People with Disabilities

Those with physical limitations many times require the help of professionals to meet and overcome challenges head on.

Those Coping with Grief/Loss

Social workers are a much-needed source of support to many coping with the loss of family or loved ones.

People Struggling with Addiction

Overcoming substance addiction can be a considerable hurdle for many, and social workers are often the people addicts can trust to guide them through the recovery process.

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